S-630 is the newest product launched in 2012. The strength has reached 9000psi unbeatably. It shows the highest technique of capping gypsum at present all over the world and the R&D ability of TAIWAN CAPSTONE Lab. The holding time is slightly longer than any other products at 40 mins. It fits the highest strength concrete compressive test.

The water to gypsum ratio for S-630 is recommended to be 15.5-16%. After simply mixing with water, it can be used immediately. The gypsum will fully harden after 30 minutes and reach the strength over 630 kgf/cm2, equals to 9000psi

Compressive Strength Data
Compressive Strength and Maximum Thickness of Capping Materials
Cylinder Compressive Strength kgf/cm2 (psi) Maximum Thickness Average Thickness of Cap Maximum Thickness Any Part of Cap
630 kgf/cm2 (9000 psi) 3 mm 5 mm
  • According to the regulations of U.S. ASTM C617 standard, it is allowed to use high strength gypsum in capping cylindrical concrete specimens. Compared with other methods, gypsum capping is the most convenient, efficient, rapid, and safest capping method.
  • TAIWAN CAPSTONE uses 100% pure gypsum to produce the high strength capping gypsum without adding extra filler. This procedure conforms to the regulations of ASTM C617 5.3.1 standard.
  • Every delivered lots is under strict quality control
  • Free sample delivery for testing is available
  • Country of origin: Taiwan