Customized and Specialized gypsum

Customized and Specialized Gypsum is a diverse product to fit your needs. We are an R&D based company with the ability to revise any physical and chemical properties to fit your applications.

There are three types:
(1)Construction and domestic application
(2)High transparent and super white gypsum
(3)3D printing gypsum

Construction gypsum

Gypsum has been used in construction for centuries.
Originally the French discovered this bond material.
At that time, it was called "Plaster of Paris"
The traditional plaster of Paris had the advantage of rapid hardening.
However, the shortcomings of insufficient strength and poor operability have yet been improved
The company W Series plaster is mainly aimed at improving these two characteristics.
Providing higher strength and enhanced workability.
It is highly compatible with cement, while improving toughness.

Domestic gypsum application

W series and S series plaster is safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, easy to operate. With it's high strength and high dimensional precision it is ideal for home and life products.
Many diatom soil foot pad used by the combination of material is high-strength gypsum.
High-strength gypsum foot pad can not be easily broken and damaged.
It quickly hardens and produces good compatibility with diatomaceous earth
Its porous structure can make the pad more water absorbent.
Special gypsum can be customized to customer needs and make adjustments.

Ultra-white ultra-high strength gypsum

High purity gypsum, the color is close to pure white and a slightly transparent
The Greeks coined it as 'Moon stone'.
“Like the moonlight, pure white and transparent”
Our technology greatly enhances the brightness, whiteness and transparency of gypsum.
By adding color pigment, the color will be completely saturated.
Very suitable for application in moulding application.
Can be combined with high-strength gypsum technology.
Small and fine parts are strong, not easily broken. Fine details of models are clear.

3D printing gypsum

The full-color 3D printer use CMYK full-color printing head to reach fast moulding and the full color performance. It has been a very important 3D printing type. The most important material of full-color 3D printer is 3D printing Gypsum powder.

Our new 3D printing gypsum can increase the color performance to satisfy with the best range of accurate and consistent colors. We also combine our unique powder technology to improve the resolution of prototypes.

Professional 4-channel CMYK full-color 3D printing head. For example: Canon , HP, and EPSON inkjet printing head. It’s also green, human friendly, and non-hazardous materials to our earth. If you have any question or need, please contact with us directly.

The process of customized services