Company Info


Taiwan CAPSTONE based in Taiwan with history of more than 30 years since being founded in 1981. We are proud of our product which is high strength gypsum specifically applied in concrete compression testing as capping material. The headquarters and production facilities are situated in Tainan City, located near one of the largest ports in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Port, with convenient transportation. The factory has an area of over 5,000 square meters. By modern automatic production line and analytical instrument with high detection limit, we can supply gypsum with the best quality for our clients.

High Strength Gypsum

Our product, high strength capping gypsum, can reach 5,000~9,000 psi (350~630 kgf/cm2) after mixing with water for 30 mins. This type of gypsum is used as capping material for concrete compression test according to ASTM C617 and AASHTO T231 standard. Therefore, our high strength capping gypsum is qualified and approved to be applied in the civil engineering industry. We have competent local agent partners with rapid growing business located internationally.

Most Efficient Capping Materials

Gypsum is a faster, safer, easier and cheaper method compared to sulfur, rubber pad capping or grind machine. For cylinder concrete specimens, our high strength gypsum is the most efficient choice for testing.

Company History
  • 2017
    New Products - Super high strength S-700 official online
  • 2016
    Customized service online
  • 2012
    New product S-630 launched online.
  • 2010
    TAIWAN CAPSTONE factory and production line expansion to 5000 m2. Productivity increased three times than previous.
  • 2001
    TAIWAN CAPSTONE defined subsidiary MECHILO, which specializes in face care products, as well as the soft mask gypsum and medical rapid heat release gypsum.
  • 2000
    S-560 is designated as Taiwan High Speed Rail construction concrete test capping material.
  • 1999
    Taipei 101 skyscraper requested TAIWAN CAPSTONE to produce customized extremely high strength gypsum.
  • 1991
    S-420 was designated as Taiwan Highway No.3 construction concrete test capping material.
  • 1989
    S-350 launched online.
  • 1987
    Launched capping gypsum S-280 sales.
  • 1986
    Cooperated with NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY to develop gypsum capping method.
  • 1981
    TAIWAN CAPSTONE company enterprise was founded in Tainan, Taiwan
Future Vision

TAIWAN CAPSTONE is an R&D based company. The processes are created by us, giving us the complete control and ability to revise all processes to produce high quality products. Companies can cooperate to develop customized, specialized and diversified gypsum products:

  • Medical application
  • Cosmetic application
  • Construction application

Our products have won a high reputation and favorable testimonials from customers over the years. In the future, we plan to develop more advanced processes and formula to compete in this competitive market.